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Mel's Ramblings

Mel Marsh
Warning and Friending Policy

Warning: I snark the stupid and the wrong, particularly if you can't be arsed to bother looking up scientific facts.

I delete and ban spam of all types. I see spam, I delete. Sorry, I have a low tolerance for bullshit.

If you friend me, I will likely friend you back provided I know where you are coming from. I gain many of my friends via ftm, academics_anon, asperger groups, and academic groups. If you friend me, please tell me where you know my user name from! And please friend me first, then COMMENT HERE. Apparently some of you don't know how to read and I am going to start ignoring you.

Pet Peeve: People who use netspeak and write as if they are missing a few brain cells. If you write like that, you WILL NOT BE FRIENDED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM MY JOURNAL, and then for pure amusement value, I will correct your grammar.

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About me

Okay, well about me. My name is Mel and I am a native of Hollywood Florida. I'm married to cyber_pagan and we have a daughter who I home-birthed. I'm transgendered, female to male. I was born Roman Catholic, partially raised by Jews, became pagan, then became Jewish.

I mod: aut_weightloss, callsforpapers, gradstudents, transacademics, ftmstudents as well as about half a dozen others.

Nerdy goodness

I collect degrees... this amuses me to no end. I have undergraduate majors in Anthropology and Human Biology (where I studied evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary medicine, evolutionary psychology, and pre-med) and Medieval-Renaissance Studies (specializing in bubonic plague). I have undergraduate minors in Theater Studies and History. During undergrad I was in a research that ranged from cultural anthropology to isotopic analysis of paleodiets to the human reproductive system. I spent several years as a research assistant (under and over the table) and primarily focused on biocultural anthropology, evolutionary medicine, and evolution of social behaviour. I later worked for a lawyer for a year and a half, which is unfortunately something I cannot discuss due to my NDA agreement.

I have an MS in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota. And before you ask anything about UND, read the FAQ! I don't want to answer the same questions 200 times! Thank you.

Future: applying to medical school

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My hobbies

I have hobbies... lots of hobbies. I read and do astronomy, biology, and theater. I am a medieval reenactor (SCA and Ren Faires.)

I do a lot of writing. I am a published poet and published academic. I have been known to write fanfiction. My DtS stuff is over at magyars.

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